Here are the stories from some of the people that has worked with us in the past


I had struggled severely with repeating the same old behavior, always falling in the same old traps thinking that this time would be different. It never was, I didn't know why I couldn't seem to break those cycles until I got Anagnorisis in week 6. The self reflection and self awareness drills showed me my shortcomings clearly: all my rationalizations, all my hang ups, all my weaknesses, all my misguided beliefs and perceptions. Writing about them, reflecting on them and digesting the effects, impact, and control they've had on and over me my entire life was a much needed wake up call. Breaking cycles and behavioral patterns started small, and I kept to keeping my small promises and targets daily, which snowballed into major changes. I'm finally more aware of who I am and what has holding me back.


Being the longest client in special health care, they where amazed by the results I got from the Basic program. In all the time being with them they had never seen that amount of progress in me.


I really thought I had been eating healthy most of my life, but almost every meal I got nauseous and had major issues with acid re-flux. When I got to Diairesis in week 7, I kept track of my digestion and my nausea levels only to find out that the high amounts of vegetables and several cups of coffee would completely wreck my stomach. After following their advice in the explanation I changed the way I prepared my vegetables and scaled back my coffee. My stomach has never been better and my nausea is gone!


I guess somewhere it's typical and even expected for men to suffer in silence. The burden we carry can often be overwhelming, kids, wife, bills, work, long commutes and long hours at work. Everyone just trucks on without saying a word. Nous, week 11, pushed me to confide in my friends and the response was phenomenal. My situation was clearly not as isolated or unique of a situation as I thought. Many more of my friends were overwhelmed by the daily load and not having any support. It was good to finally be able to talk and connect about things that all of us go through together without shame or judgment. We meet up once a week now to share our experiences and give each other advice.


I have never had much motivation to train, and quite frankly have always thought it was mind-numbingly boring. Every time I thought about exercising I actually felt fatigued and drained already. I was dreading that exercise might be part of the program. But when I got to Motus, the movement in week 11, I wasn't just actually excited, I felt like there was a whole new perception and understanding of what exercise could look like. It wasn't the same old boring things I did before, the exercises were well explained, the training time pretty short and above all, it has provided to be a container to understand myself better. Especially understanding and being able to look at what was causing all this resistance to training before. I'm excited to level up and try their Motus movement program after this Basic Course is finished!



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For the longest time, I've just felt listless and restless, every situation would take me off-center. I never felt like I handled anything the way I wanted to, or behaved the way I wish I would have behaved. I kept finding myself saying things I didn't mean and constantly betraying myself to appease the needs and wants of others. I had no structure, no sense of self-validation or self-authority. The Basic Course took me deep into the principles on how to create order in my environment and a means to find myself more rooted in daily life. I can now speak my mind and express my most authentic self.


In many ways, I felt pressured by my environment and culture to be or act like someone I'm not. Like I should be meek, not stand up for what I believe, do as my parents tell me following their religious beliefs. Somewhere I was convinced I couldn't be or act like a man, that each time I did I was punished for displaying rebelliousness and assertiveness. It has taken this course to put me in touch with my true nature and authorize myself to be who I want to be and live the life I want to live. To eat the way that feels best for me, for expressing my beliefs the way I see fit, to love who I want and to act boldly on my dreams.

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