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This was our journey. These are the steps that changed our lives. We've spent years going though the science, trying, failing and trying again. If we can't back it up by experience and science, we leave it out from the program. This is the blueprint to our journey, but we have left out the steps that didn't work. We know all to well how it feels when you are guided in the wrong direction. It is time to stop, turn around and reclaim yourself.

Let's find the way

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Who is the PTGMethod for? One of the founders Sim van Daele explains more about it in this video.


The journey

The ability our brain and body have to overcome things like trauma, anxiety, and depression is truly amazing. But it doesn't happen by itself.

You can view this process as climbing a mountain. This is a special mountain that you have always dreamed of climbing. Before the trip, you think about how beautiful the view from the top will be. Let's imagine that you have heard stories about a beautiful lake at the top where the temperature is perfect all year.

You can not wait to get started. You feel motivated and ready, keeping a mental image of the final destination while you pack your bag and get ready. Then you start to climb.

The journey begins

At first, it is easy, the terrain is light and the temperature is just right for this trip. After a while it gets steeper, there are slippery rocks and it gets hard. You feel tired. Then it starts to rain and the temperature drops. You feel cold and start to regret going on this journey. Wishing that you would have just stayed at home where everything was known, but you also know that if you reach the top the weather will be nice because this is a special mountain, it is never a cloud on the sky or cold wind up there. But the spot you are at now is filled with cold rain and wind.

Right now you are struggling to get up. You slide down 1 meter for every 2 meters you climb, so you are moving forward but it is challenging. The motivation you had before the trip is gone, and the desire to climb back down increases. Your mind starts to regret it. You don't know if the target destination is worth it, and you can't even see the top. Is it even there?

Improving our mental health 

The journey to improved mental health can feel a lot like this. And just as with the mountain trip, if you go back down to your house you will have to start over again, but if you slide a little bit and keep moving forward, you will at least move in the right direction, even if it might go slow from time to time.

Another similarity is having a mountain guide/therapist/coach with you. They can show you the rocks they slipped on and what part of the path they took or that they recommend. But they can not know if you will struggle at the same spots, or slip on the same rocks. They can only guide you, you have to take the steps. But when all is said and done it will be easier to have someone to guide you that has been on that journey themselves before.

We have been on this journey ourselves. We have taken the steps, we have slipped, we have fallen, lost motivation, and faced stormy weather. Maybe the weather will be different on your journey and maybe some rocks will be easier or harder for you to climb. But we have the same goal as every guide. To get the people that go with us to the top. 

The question is, do you turn and go back down when the journey gets hard, or do you keep climbing to see what is hiding on the other side of these challenges?

Our goal is to keep you moving forward, show you the path and avoid that you are wasting your time with steps that doesn't move you towards your goal.

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We have worked with people with different background. Learn about how the program has changed their lifes.

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Go all out life

It is time to change how you feel.

It is time to reclaim yourself.

It is time to take back your future.

I'm going all out life

This is not about improvement, this is about a new path!

Have you ever felt like you've tried everything to make changes, only to find out that you end up right where you started? 

We don't want you to feel like this again. That's why we focus on the nervous system, brain and gut microbiota as a connected system.

The path we are talking about will guide your entire system in the same direction and create balance.

Our goal is to give you all the steps you need to reach this goal, with an easy to follow guidance. This will save you time, money and the feeling of uncertainty. You'll get:

  • Weekly steps to follow
  • Time saving structure
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Easy to follow guidance and downloadable tools 
  • Access to the course through an app.
  • If you still have more questions we have a Facebook group and are available to answer any questions you might have.

The journey should be the main focus. So we want you to get all the information you need in one place.

The program usually costs 297$. Right now the price is 29$. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is less than 0,4 dollars a day for a program that will teach you how to self-regulate.

The price is limited, so if you are interested in getting the most detailed program out there when it comes to self-regulation, we suggest that you get it now.



Reclaim yourself

We call ourselves reclaimers. Why? Because we are reclaiming our past, present and future. Join us now and become a part of the movement towards a new life. Now only 97$ or 3 monthly payments of 33$ instead of the original 297$

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