What is my goal, and how was my journey?

How do you handle daily challenges, stress, and your own emotions? 

I want to start this off with a bit of story to get to know my background. My name is Baard(a great name to have when you write in English since it sounds very much like the word bored). High levels of anxiety and depressive emotions dominated my teenage years. To add to the list I had ADHD symptoms, psoriasis in my scalp, and tendonitis in my arms that I was told would be chronic. 

But after fixing all of the unbalanced that was in me I got rid of every single problem. If a blonde man named....bored can do it, so can you.

So what did I do? Did I go on extreme diets meditate for hours, train for 2 hours every day? Well, yes I have tried that too. And ending up hitting the wall completely. Then I thought that there must be a better way. And it was. I still use meditation, I still exercise and eat healthy most of the time. But the main factor that has changed is that there is a balance in what I do. What we need to do is to find out where the problem is in our system. How do we do this? We look at what our body needs to thrive. After all, our system seeks balance.

It doesn't want to feel stressed, depressed, or tense. But many times we take action that actually causes more of this rather than giving it the space it needs to return to homeostasis. Let's face it, the way our body and brain function is way too complex for us to take care of it ourselves. It all happens automatically as long as we don't get in the way. If we continue to add stress through bad breathing habits, eating large amounts of things our body can't handle, don't get enough sleep, don't use our body, don't let the muscles work in the way they are meant to do, let our thoughts activate our stress response then how is our system suppose to maintain a balance? It feels like it is always being attacked so it will prioritize survival, not inner peace.

It is time for us to get our body and brain to go in the same direction as our mind wants it to go. 


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